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- 07.28.08:

- The Final Program is now ready. Also, new speakers and abstracts have been added to the Speakers-page.


- 06.27.08:

- New updates have been added to the Program.


- 06.01.08:

- Mayor updates have been added to the Program. Please check for new additions and changes.


The conference is hosted by York University together with the University of Toronto, and is sponsored by: the Office of the Academic Vice-President, the Faculties of Arts and Fine Arts at York, as well as the Graduate Centre for the Study of Drama at Toronto.

The conference includes two Panel sessions specifically dedicated to Steelpan music, organized by the International Steelpan Association & British Association of Steelbands (ISA/BAS). BAS is supported by the Arts Council of Great Britain. [For more information, see] They are hoping to bring the band “Nostalgia”.

We are collaborating directly with both the Caribana Arts Group, and with its Chair, Dr. Charles Roach – as well as with the Festival Management Committee. The conference is being listed as an official event in Caribana week.

The conference is also cooperating with the World Carnival Congress (WCC) and their President, Henry Antoine.

Canada Research Chair in Performance & Culture
York University
University of Toronto
Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, University of Toronto
World Carnival Commission
The Harriet Tubman Institute
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
The Caribana Arts Group
The Caribana Arts Group